How Fearless Nation Helps Support And Fight Families Affected By PTSD

PTSD can disturb a person on both mental and social levels. The person suffering from this disorder finds himself continuously feeling afraid of any potential danger or being stuck in painful memories from the past. Such people need help to get back to normal life.

The Fearless Nation is one such organization that has taken the initiative to help out the families affected by PTSD. With the help of donations made by others, this organization supports the people with this disorder. The team has vowed to provide a helping hand to these people to continue their life like any other normal human being.

  • What Is PTSD?

PTSD is the acronym for post-traumatic stress disorder. As the name gives away, it is the disorders one develops after going through a traumatic experience in the past. People suffering from this disorder keep on worrying about their own safety.

PTSD can result from any traumatic experience one had in life. For example, many veterans suffer from this after serving in a battle. Since they have seen so many people die in front of their eyes, they start fearing something similar happening to them. After a war breaks down, many soldiers suffer from this disorder.

So why does it happen? Usually, after a traumatic experience, if the person is in a situation of overwhelming helplessness or hopelessness, it may trigger PTSD.

PTSD happens when the person experiences the traumatic experience by himself or witness it. Even the people like emergency workers or law enforcement workers who only pick up the pieces can be affected by this disorder. If the family or friends of the person have gone through trauma, they can develop it as well.

  • How Can Fearless Nation Help The Families With PTSD Members

You must have understood the severity of this disorder by now. The people who have PTSD need treatments as easily as people not to let their past experience ruin their future. Here’s what Fearless Nation does to help the people directly.

  • Charity

The organization is very active when it comes to charity. They collect money from various sources that are willing to help PTSD people. All the collected money is provided to the people for the treatment and the therapy. Many people may find themselves unable to afford the cost of such treatment. Thus, this organization helps them.

  • The team

The primary reason for this organization effectively helping people is the team members. These members are either the people who have suffered this problem themselves or seen somebody close to them going through it. There are even members who have not gone through it but want to volunteer to help out the people.

  • Complementing the activities of others

This organization aims to help people suffering from post-trauma disorders. Thus, the work done by it complements the work or the activities carried out by other organizations or government agencies. By doing this, they can help a bigger number of people.


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